Student Stories

Our students are the reason we’re here.

Addicted 2 Dance (A2D) exists because of its amazing students, and students dance for a number of reasons. Some have professional aspirations and want to be competitive. Some want to be part of a team. Some want to improve their personal fitness. Some want to boost their self-confidence.

Regardless of the specific reason(s), A2D offers a welcome environment that allows students to reach their goals.

Here are a few of their stories:

The Antonio Family

Antonio FamilyThree children from the Antonio Family dance at Addicted 2 Dance.

Read about their experience with our studio!

Genna Bell

Genna Bell has danced at Addicted 2 Dance for over 5 yers.Genna has danced at Addicted 2 Dance for over five years and loves coming for class.

See how her family found A2D after moving to Ambler.

Cheznye “London” Clark

Cheznye "London" Clark danced at Addicted 2 Dance in Ambler.London Clark was one of the first students at Addicted 2 Dance.

Read about her amazing progression as a dancer.

Sierra Clark

Sierra ClarkAfter trying three other dance studios, Sierra finally found a home at Addicted 2 Dance.

Read Sierra’s A2D story.

Bella Conroy

Bella1Bella joined A2D hoping to grow as a dancer, and exited with a scholarship to USC’s competitive dance program!

Read about Bella’s years with A2D.

The Egan Family

Two girls from the Egan family dance at Addicted 2 DanceRead about the Egan Family’s experience at Addicted 2 Dance, and how much their two daughters have learned.

See how Addicted 2 Dance transformed their future!

The Katz Family

Katz FamilyTwo children from the Katz Family dance at Addicted 2 Dance.

See what led (and kept) them at Addicted 2 Dance!

Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell dreamed of competing in dance competitions.

See how Jordan achieved her dreams at A2D!

Nicole Mueller

Nicole Mueller has danced at Addicted 2 Dance since 2006.Nicole Mueller has grown with A2D – she’s danced here since 2006!

See what Nicole’s learned over the past 7+ years!

The Ryan Family

The Ryan Family - A2DAll four children of the Ryan Family love the classes they’re taking at Addicted 2 Dance!

Read about some lessons they’ve learned that extend off the dance floor.

Aleah Sullivan

Aleah Sullivan at A2D!Aleah is an A2D Alumna and current A2D teacher who continues to pass on her dance knowledge to new dancers.

Read about the influence that A2D had on Aleah’s development.

Talia Weston

Talia Weston has danced at Addicted 2 Dance for more than 3 years.Talia has danced at A2D for more than three years and continues to develop as a dancer.

Read about what Talia’s learned at A2D.

Allie Zamarin

Allie Zamarin DancerAllie is an extremely talented A2D Alumna who continues to dance today in college.

Read about the role that A2D played in her development.

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