A Good Accident

Denise Kennedy danced with Addicted 2 Dance for more than 6 years.My first trip to Addicted 2 Dance was by accident. I had already committed to another studio, but my Mom’s persistence led me to audition at A2D. After that first trip in 2006, I never left.


Addicted 2 Dance is not just the place that I go to dance – it’s my second home.

A home is not a home without continuous love. That is one thing that I knew was always at Addicted 2 Dance – love. One form of love I experienced was from “Miss Aubrey” Conley.

Miss Aubrey is one person that I knew I could always count on no matter what. She always pushed me to be better and do better for myself. No matter how big the studio was or how many kids there were, I knew Miss Aubrey would always be there for me. She has helped me grow into the dancer and woman I have become, and I am grateful to her for everything she has done for me.

The people I met at A2D have also affected my life. I can honestly say that I met some of my best friends at A2D. The people at A2D were always friendly and I knew I could always count on smiling faces to help brighten my day.

The dancers at A2D were all my family – I had more siblings and parents than I could ever dream of having! Regardless of the situation, there was always someone to help a child when a parent wasn’t able to be there. I will never forget all the amazing people at A2D that helped me grow and succeed.

Next Steps

After leaving for college, I knew I could never forget A2D. Little did I know that I would pursue a major in Dance! My major would not be possible without the training from my amazing teachers at A2D.

Addicted 2 Dance is a major part of my life and so many of my life experiences are connected to the studio. Thank you, A2D!

– Denise Kennedy