Phil Cuttino Jr.

“Mr. Phil” Cuttino, Jr. (aka X-clusive!) is a Philadelphia native hip hopper, who was instilled at birth with breakin’, graffiti, DJ-ing, and rapping.

Phil first performed on stage at age four with his father, a prominent MC and b-boy in the Philadelphia hip hop scene. From day one, Phil had a knack for making people smile.

It wasn’t long before Phil found himself in the group called the X-men, co-pioneered by the movement of the “Wu-Tang”, a dance native to North Philadelphia. In his free time, Phil performed in local talent shows and learned from the legendary, groundbreaking dancers in his native city.

Phil studied art throughout his high school years, and attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing. Since then, he has remained consistent in building a reputation for his brand and striving to see it succeed!

Now a professional dancer in the Hip Hop community, Phil is living out his #1 dream: helping others live theirs. He is touring the United States and other countries worldwide in the pursuit of motivation, inspiration, and stories to communicate through the power of dance.

Mr. Phil hopes to live by his personal motto “J.I.P” (Just Inspiring People) during his time teaching at Addicted 2 Dance. We think it fits perfectly with our own motto: Grow. Give. Live.

Welcome to the team Mr. Phil!

Phil Cuttino