A2D Company

A2D Company – Taking Dance To The Next Level!

A2D Company is an elite group of dancers who are not only talented, but also great role models for A2D and the community.

A2D Company Dancers participate in several events throughout the year including competitions, fundraisers & performances.

Dance Competitions are a major activity in the dance world. They offer stage experience, a fun & rewarding way to show one’s hard work, education by observing other students from other areas, friendship, camaraderie and self-confidence.

Addicted 2 Dance offers COMPANY classes to the students who desire to be performers and are motivated to do his/her best. Students must also demonstrate a good attitude toward correction, good attendance, be punctual, are serious dancers and have a healthy attitude toward being a company dancer as well as other teammates.

A2D Dancers in the A2D Studio!

A2D Company Auditions

For all NEW Dancers aspiring to join A2D’s Company Team, open Auditions will be held Saturday, April 14th from 12:30-1:30pm.

  • Ages 6-8 12:30pm-12:45pm
  • Ages 9-12 12:45pm-1pm
  • Teen 13 & up 1pm-1:15pm

Please arrive early, bring all forms of dance shoes (including Tap shoes to warm up) and be ready to dance.

Registration can be done online. There is a nonrefundable $15 application fee.

Prior to registration, please read the company agreement and requirements.

Requirements include: For any technical team, 2-3 ballet classes per week, a jazz class, lyrical/contemporary class and tap class are required. There is also a company team technique class also required. If auditioning for a Hip Hop Team, requirements = additional hip hop recreational class and ballet class.
BOYS: For technical teams must follow the above technical requirements. For Hip Hop ONLY, an additional Hip Hop Class.

Please see tuition page for a review of this past seasons company rates. Rates subject to change this coming season and will be posted by June.

Technical Company Teams = 3 performances, 3 costumes

Competitions = 3 with one full convention weekend.

Payments for company fees begin in July.

Solo/Duet/Trio are by director invitation.

Audition For A2D Company

Click the link below to register for auditions!

Check Out A2D Company In Action

To be on any company team is a privilege, therefore admission to these classes is by invitation only. Once in a group, a student does not necessarily remain in that particular group for his/her entire schooling. A student moves at his/her own rate of development determined by A2D’s expert dance instructors.

Students in this program are exposed to all disciplines of dance. Each student is required to take ballet classes and a technique class in addition to their company class. A dancer’s education is expanded by the opportunity to study other styles of dance.

Company Teams are committed to approximately 3-5 mandatory competitions & conventions each year. These events take place on weekends and due to the specific scheduling of each event, the entire event weekend must be reserved on your calendar as A2D will not know the specific performance time until a few days before the event. If you cannot commit to the competition rules and regulations as well as attendance in class, then being a company dancer is not for you.

Solos, duets and trios are also by invitation only.

Attendance is crucial in this program and only 3 classes will be excused. If you are not feeling well you should come to class and watch. After you have missed 3 classes you may be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the year.  There are no refunds to costumes, tuition or fundraising.

We know how expensive costumes, recording studio fees and competition fees can be. Therefore, competition FUNdraisers will be set up to provide financial support to our dancers! We ask that all company team members participate in the FUNdraisers. Remember, it’s a team effort!