Father Daughter Dance - Daddy Daughter DanceLast year, the highlight of our Recital was arguably the sweet father-daughter dance, in which our dancers could bring their dads, male relatives, or special male role models up to the stage for a choreographed dance routine.

The dance was so memorable that we’ve decided to bring it back again for this year’s Addicted 2 Dance Recital!

Sign up today to be a part of our Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance!* If you’re apprehensive about your dance moves, don’t worry. We’ll be offering eight rehearsals (including a dress rehearsal) to give you plenty of time to practice.

Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Thursday April 5th, 6pm-7pm Daddy’s Only Rehearsal
  • Thursday, April 12th 6pm-7pm Dad and Daughter
  • Thursday, April 19th 6pm-7pm Dad and Daughter
  • Saturday, April 26th 1-2pm Dad and Daughter
  • Thursday, May 3rd 6pm-7pm Dad and Daughter
  • Thursday, May 10th 6pm-7pm Dad and Daughter
  • Saturday, May 12th Dress Rehearsal TBA
  • Thursday, May 17th 6pm-7pm Dad and Daughter

You don’t have to attend every rehearsal, but it’s highly recommended. Remember, practice makes perfect!

On the day of the Recital, dads should arrive wearing khakis and a white polo or button down shirt. Daughters will be in their recital costumes. 

Please register through the Parent Portal for this unforgettable performance opportunity. The dance routine is perfect for basic/beginner level dancing. All dancers and their dads (or one male relative/role model) are welcome to participate. We will be performing this routine at the close of the finale of our upcoming recital, “The Sky’s The Limit”, at 10am.

We look forward to your performance!

Click here to register for the 2018 Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance at A2D’s upcoming recital!

*$99 includes 8 rehearsals plus a final performance on stage during our Recital on May 19th.
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Aubrey Conley

Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance
Aubrey Conley is the Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance in Ambler.