Student testimonial - Addicted 2 DanceWe had the pleasure of discovering “Miss Aubrey” Conley and Addicted 2 Dance about four years ago.

Prior to Addicted 2 Dance, our family (Amber, 16 and Brynn, 3) had a very unfortunate experience with another studio. The girls came to A2D with their spirits crushed from that experience, and we relied heavily on the studio, staff, and Miss Aubrey to help my girls realize that this was a nice environment that would be a great fit for the two of them.

To my absolute delight, the girls loved Addicted 2 Dance. Amber was immediately accepted by all of the girls in her classes and the staff checked in on both girls often to be sure they were transitioning well. Miss Aubrey even took Amber under her wing and gave her the confidence she was seeking at this time in her dance career. Brynn adapted well and loved her class, teacher, and all the friends she made at dance.

We Have Loved Every Moment

We have spent the last 4+ years at Addicted 2 Dance and have loved every moment. The staff is professional, the dancers are all so sweet and helpful, and I felt very comfortable knowing Amber was spending her free time in this environment.

As Amber looked into college options, Miss Aubrey was so supportive and provided Amber with lots of insight about dancing, teaching, and owning her own studio. She also wrote an awesome letter of recommendation!

Future Plans

Amber graduated from High School and is attending Slippery Rock University with a major in Dance & Finance and a minor in Marketing. Her hope is to dance, teach, and possibly open her own studio one day! After Amber finished her first year at Slippery Rock, she loved the school, loved the dance program, and stayed in close contact with Miss Aubrey.

When Amber came home for the summer, Miss Aubrey asked Amber to teach some classes during Summer Intensive. Amber was thrilled – she couldn’t believe she was going to teach her first classes. Amber taught for two weeks and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her happier.

After the experience, Amber is positive she wants to pursue a career in dance after college. Those words are so awesome to hear from your child. This would not have been possible without the dedication of Addicted 2 Dance, Miss Aubrey, and all of her staff.

I cannot say enough about the dance program and I encourage anyone I know who has kids who want to dance to seek out A2D as an option. Brynn is looking forward to starting classes again in the fall and Amber cannot wait to have the opportunity to teach for A2D and Miss Aubrey again.

– Angel Egan