Wedding Dance ChoreographerLooking for a wedding dance choreographer to help you wow your guests on your big day? Look no further than Addicted 2 Dance!

We’ve all seen those viral videos of traditional slow dances transforming into fun-filled routines. Now it’s your turn to make your big dance anything but “traditional.” Who knows…you might be the next person to go viral, thanks to Addicted 2 Dance!

A2D’s instructors can help you choreograph a dance that will have your friends and family raving about it for weeks! Need help planning some romantic dance moves for your first dance as a married couple? Want to bring your parents or wedding party in on the fun? We can plan any routine you had in mind, big or small!

From ballroom dance to hip hop moves, romantic dips and twirls to your stuff straight out of a pop music video, our incredible dance instructors have all of the knowledge you’ll need to master your favorite dance moves.

Take a look at Miss Emily tearing up the dance floor during a very special dance with her mother:

Don’t wait a second longer to start practicing your routine! Contact Addicted 2 Dance for more information on our choreographed wedding dance sessions.

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Aubrey Conley

Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance
Aubrey Conley is the Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance in Ambler.