Tremaine Dance ConventionAddicted 2 Dance’s phenomenal dancers DOMINATED at the Tremaine Dance Convention last week!

As a Tremaine trainee myself, I wanted my dancers to get involved with this wonderful program that has taught me so much from my very first convention when I was 9 years old.

Tremaine Dance is a nationally recognized convention with renowned choreographers and instructors who focus on teaching structure, growth, and bringing dance studios all over the world together.

Our dancers traveled to Washington, D.C. this past weekend to participate in the Tremaine Dance Convention & Competition. It was an excellent opportunity to learn and grow from other dancers, teachers, and peers outside of their home base at A2D’s studio in Ambler.

A Weekend Of “Self-Growth”

One of the key takeaways from this convention is the positive mindset that our dancers had when they returned to the studio. As we arrived at the venue, I asked every dancer to be accountable for themselves throughout the weekend. I wanted them to learn from other dancers, observe, take notes, and set goals.

They were challenged to separate from their friends and focus on themselves. Doing this would drive each dancer to push to become a better performer and fight for their own improvement in a positive manner. The goal of the weekend was to make it a time for “self-growth,” and I believe that each dancer exceeded my expectations!

I wasn’t the only one to notice this. Several of our dancers stood out to the Tremaine instructors. Eva B. received a special acknowledgement for knowing her ballet terminology. We had two teens and five seniors make it through the 1st cut of ballet scholarship auditions. What an amazing achievement!

After the ballet auditions were finished, the program moved on to jazz auditions. All of the dancers were broken up into very small groups, giving each dancer the chance to show the Tremaine faculty what they were capable of. They were able to really dance – using full body movement, performance factor, and lots of SOUL to show what they had inside of them.

As I stood there watching each of my dancers perform, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. They truly let their talents shine, and it was an honor to remember back to each of my dancers’ first days at A2D. They’ve grown so much over the years, and it shows!

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Notable A2D Dancers

To the dancers who made it through to the next round of auditions, congratulations! I am SO PROUD of you! Here are just a handful of dancers who shone brightly during the Tremaine Dance Convention:

Teen dancer Abby Durkin had the most positive attitude in the Teen Room. She made the ballet audition cuts, and was feeling both proud and anxious. She was invited on to the jazz auditions, but did not make it to the finals. After being cut, Abby walked right up to me, wrapped her arms around me for a hug, and said, “I am just proud of myself that I made it this far.” Wow! What an amazing attitude for such a young dancer!

Tremaine Dance Convention - Avery with her scholarshipSenior dancer Gabrielle Katz was one of 25 finalists chosen out of more than 250 students. Congratulations Gabrielle!

Avery Topkis received a scholarship for her hip hop performance in Tony Bellissimo’s Hip Hop Class. Way to go!

Sarah Bruni was a finalist for the “Free Style” contest. She really showed some beautiful, unique moves!

Nine-year-old Briana Katz was given a special acknowledgement: “Performance Excellence.” She is growing into such an incredibly talented dancer! She stood out to none other than the infamous Tony Bellissimo during his Hip Hop Class.

Congratulations to our A2D Dancers!

Notable Group Performances

Addicted 2 Dance’s new group, “CORE ELITE,” had their debut at Tremaine’s Dance Competition also this weekend. This group of 11 dancers, created by Miss Aleah and myself, began rehearsals over the summer, preparing for 4 numbers to perform at a total of 6 competitions. CORE ELITE will also be participating in three other conventions this season as they push their level of performance and exposure beyond their limits.

The purpose of CORE ELITE is to reach for performance strength, grow as a dancer, and get at rue taste of what having a future career in dance is all about.

Miss Aleah and I were very proud of this group’s commitment and dedication, and of how they performed at the Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition. Not only did they receive several rewards, but they were the recipient of several of Tremaine’s placement awards for various styles of dance!

(Tremaine gives only ONE set of placement awards per genre, unlike several other competitions we attend where everyone gets something. In a world full of “participation awards,” Tremaine truly is a breath of fresh air in awarding only those who have earned it!)

Here are the dance numbers that placed:

“You Ain’t Right” – choreographed by Miss Mariah Tlili, this number received FIRST PLACE in Hip Hop

“Halo” – choreographed by myself (Miss Aubrey), this number received 2nd place in the Lyrical category

“Unity” – also known as PROGRESS Company at A2D; this number received 3rd place in the Contemporary category

We would also like to give a special shout-out to the CORE ELITES who performed “Don’t Walk Away,” a Jazz number choreographed by Miss Aleah. The routine was performed beautifully, as were so many routines performed by our soloists and duets.

A2D Continues To Leave Its Mark!

At the end of the convention, the Tremaine team gave Addicted 2 Dance one final award:

A2D was recognized as the studio that displayed the most kindness, was respectful, and had backstage etiquette.

Over the past four years, A2D has received multiple awards and recognitions just like this. Every time, it makes me beyond proud of my dancers, instructors, and our entire studio. It just goes to show how our motto – “GROW, GIVE, LIVE” – is something that our entire team lives by day in and day out.

A very special thank-you to the dancers who traveled to Washington, D.C. not only to dance, but to support your teammates and friends. 

To the parents: thank you to each and every one of you who is there religiously, helping us out behind the scenes, caring for dancers who aren’t your own but for whom you care about just as much as your own little dancers. Your positive energy, positive ideas, and conversations amongst other set an incredible example for our dancers!

Congratulations to all of our dancers and teachers! Thank you for making A2D proud!

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Aubrey Conley

Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance
Aubrey Conley is the Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance in Ambler.