Drums in classA2D always creates new ideas and pathways for our dancers, and there’s no greater experience than performing to live music. A recent Contemporary III class at Addicted 2 Dance learned that firsthand!

We invited drummer Greg Conlin to sit in on the class and incorporate an authentic, modern flare to go along with their repertoire. He has been playing the drums since the 4th grade and it was an honor to have him be a part of this experience.

The girls were joined by the live accompanist during their warm-up, center exercises, and across the floor. It was interesting to witness how the drummer’s rhythm affected our dancers’ performance. They were really feeling the beat throughout the entire session.

Check out this video from class:

The practice of live drumming is not new to the world of dance. In fact, it was one of the first forms of musical accompaniment to dance! You can see its influence in modern and contemporary dance, which focus on rhythm and beat, and tend to emphasize the art of “feeling” the music.

Nowadays, big name companies such as Alvin Ailey and Broadway Dance Center incorporate live musicians in their studios to bring an authentic feel to their modern dance class. A live percussionist can also help to create a raw, genuine connection between movement and music.

The A2D dancers experience a class full of mind, body, and percussion connection, and were able to have a taste of how a typical modern dance class is run. We just might have to bring in more live accompaniments in the future!

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Aleah Sullivan

Aleah teaches dance classes at Addicted 2 Dance.