Congratulations to every Addicted 2 Dance performer on their spectacular day at the Celebration Dance Competition!

A2D’s technique and talent stood out this weekend at Celebration Talent’s prestigious competition. Once again, our outstanding group received the highest award a studio can get, the Backstage Etiquette Award, which is given to the studio that displays the best sportsmanship to other studios, manners, and ability to handle and adjust quickly to changes.

This wasn’t the first time that our dancers have performed so well and made such a huge impression on the judges. We’ve been blowing organization after organization out of the water with our impressive dance skills and incredible dance team, and audiences just can’t seem to get enough of our routines!

If you missed our dancers at the Celebration Dance Competition, don’t worry. You can watch our entire team perform their hearts out on Saturday, April 22nd, at a FREE local competition. Click here for more information about this event. 

Curious about what routines our dancers performed, and which routines brought home awards? Take a look at our Company pieces:

  • Shame: High Gold Judges Choice Award
  • Sweet Stuff: High Gold Award
  • Let Me Entertain You: Abby Durkin Solo, Platinum & Title Winner Awards
  • Fierce: High Gold Award
  • State of Shock: High Gold Overall Petite Award
  • Rugratz: Gold Award 
  • No Place like Home: Platinum & Choreography Award
  • 9 to 5: Tap Duet Briana Katz & Avery McCabe, High Gold & Performance Award
  • Boom! Crash! Pow!: High Gold Award 
  • Real Love: Platinum Award
  • Every Promise: Talia Weston High Gold Award & 4th Overall in Solos
  • Fields of Gold: High Gold Award
  • These Arms of Mine: Gabrielle Katz Platinum Award, Teen Contemporary Winner, & 1st Overall in Solos
  • Hard To Say Goodbye: High Gold Award
  • Rise Up: Maria Fatiga High Gold Award
  • Can’t Use My Phone: High Gold Award
  • Drive: Sarah Bruni Teen Title Winner, Diamond Award, Invitation to Nationals, 1st Overall in Senior Solos
  • Shake: Avery Topkis, Diamond Winner, Invitation to Nationals, Outstanding Senior Dancer Award, 2nd overall in Senior Solos
  • Bom Bom: High Gold Award
  • River: Gabrielle Katz, Talia Weston Platinum Awards, Judges Choice Award, 1st Overall Duo
  • Alive: Hannah Platinum Award, 2nd Overall Solo Winner
  • Limits: Renata Ciaffone, Morgan SanAngelo High Gold Award
  • Degas: Julianne Frary and Christina O’Farrell
  • Nuvole Bianche: Marissa Camper, Olivia Barbato-Dunn, Jordan Mitchell Gold Award
  • Higher Love: Brittany Conaway Gold Award
  • Unity: Diamond Award, Performance Award, Highest Scored Number of the entire day
  • Jolene: Platinum Award, Choreography Award
  • Bill on the Hill: High Gold Award
  • La Vie En Rose: High Gold Award
  • You Ain’t Right: High Gold Award
  • Boogyman: Platinum Award, Showstopper Award
  • Put Down the Gun: Maya Antonio, Gold Award
  • Halo: High Gold Award
  • The Girl: Sarah Felbin, High Gold Award and Judges Choice Award
  • Creep: Madeleine Nowak, Platinum Award, Senior Titlest Winner
  • Hide and Seek: High Gold Award
  • My Discarded Men: High Gold Award
  • Don’t Walk Away: Platinum Award

Congratulations to all of our dancers. We continue to be so incredibly proud of you all! Best of luck at the next competition!

Click here for more information on our upcoming competitions and to register for lessons at Addicted 2 Dance.

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Aubrey Conley

Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance
Aubrey Conley is the Owner & Artistic Director at Addicted 2 Dance in Ambler.