Tori Sexsmith

“Miss Tori” Sexsmith has a passion for children and for all of the arts, but a special love for dance. Her dance training began at One Broadway the Dance Center, the Pennsylvania Regional Ballet, and the Hershey School of Dance. It was at these schools that she surrounded herself with a broad spectrum of dance, including jazz, modern, ballet, pointe, tap, and more.

During high school, she intensified her development as a dancer and collaborative artist through the Capital Area School for the Arts (CASA) in Harrisburg under the direction of Rosemary Battista. She also began her experience as a choreographer for Susquehanna Township’s musical “Alice in Wonderland”.

After graduation, Miss Tori attended Montclair State University as a dance major, where she had the opportunity to perform the work of Joao Carvalho and Jessica DiMauro, among others. In addition to academic work, she continued to create choreography for musicals and served as a movement coordinator for campus club organizations. In the summertime, she participated in dance intensives in Philadelphia (Pascal Rioult) and in Italy (Tuscan Summer Dance Intensive).

Miss Tori continued her experience abroad, spending a year in Israel in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey program. She trained and performed with Rami Be’er, Mats Eck, Olga Stetsyuk and Martin Harrigue, and created choreography for student showcases. She also trained in England with Nicky Gibbs at The Garage.

Returning stateside, Miss Tori has performed live and in film with various artists and organizations in Philadephia, including the Femme.Collective. She has also been a teaching assistant in children’s classes with Sammy Reyes, as well as continuing her involvement as a guest artist and teaching assistant with her alma mater CASA. She has kept up her training in classes and intensives with the Koresh School of Dance. In the fall, she will continue her formal dance education at Temple University.

Miss Tori is very excited to join the A2D family! She’ll be bringing her love of kids and dance, her high energy, and her experiences from training and time abroad to the classroom!

Tori Sexsmith