Last year, the highlight of our year-end performance was arguably the Sweetheart Dance, in which our dancers brought a special adult in their lives up to the stage for a choreographed group dance routine.

The dance was so memorable that we’ve decided to bring it back again for this year’s Addicted 2 Dance year-end PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE on Saturday, May 16, 2020! 

Sign up today to be a part of our Sweetheart Dance with a Special Adult in Your Life!

If you’re apprehensive about your dance moves, don’t worry. We’ll be offering eight rehearsals (plus a dress rehearsal) to give you plenty of time to practice.  7 Thursday evenings and 1 Saturday afternoon.

You don’t have to attend every rehearsal, but it’s highly recommended.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

On the day of the PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE, Adult Dancers should arrive wearing khaki bottoms (pants/skirt) & a white polo/button-down shirt/blouse.  A2D Dancers will be in their recital costumes.

Please register through your A2D Family Portal for this unforgettable performance opportunity.

The dance routine is perfect for basic/beginner level dancing.

       All A2D Dancers are welcome to participate!

We will be performing this routine as the Finale of our year-end Performance Showcase,  at BOTH* the 10am  and 1:00pm Shows.   We look forward to your performance!  Click HERE to register for the 2020 A2D Sweetheart Dance at A2D’s year-end Performance Showcase!

*Dancers will perform the Sweetheart Dance in whichever show they are performing their other dance routines.

$99 includes 8 rehearsals, Dress Rehearsal and a final performance on stage during our Year-End PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

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