Denise Maggetti Nowak

“Miss Denise” Maggetti Nowak has been ‘with’ A2D for 10 years as Parent of Company Dancer Maddie who graduated in 2018.

Miss Denise has been at the Front Desk on Thursday evenings since September of 2017 and  Project Manager since 2019. 

Prior to working as a stay-at-home-mom to her four children and serving on volunteer Boards for school, art center and Library Friends group for 26 years, Miss Denise worked as an Administrative Assistant and then Business Manager for the oldest retirement community in the United States, as well as work in retail for a major Philadelphia Department Store and several years for a Research Services firm in Radnor.

Miss Denise enjoys the opportunity to keep A2D as a part of her life – to “Give Back”!