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Video: Increasing Hip Flexor Mobility

Miss Aleah demonstrates four exercises for increasing hip flexor mobility for dancers.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day

How Much Water Should Dancers Drink Per Day?

Here's a hint: it's way more than eight glasses a day!

Cue The Music Dance Competition

A2D Takes It All At Cue The Music Dance Competition!

Our amazing team won tons of awards, including the biggest one of the competition!

Dancing Our Way To Multiple Wins At The Beyond The Stars Dance Competition!

Our talented dancers and teachers brought home more than a dozen awards this weekend. Well done!

The Right Way To Warm Up For Dance Class

These moves will help you avoid injury and will noticeably improve your performance. Check them out!

Ambler Treemendous Party

Dancing For Nature At Ambler’s TREEmendous Party

Funds raised from this event went towards the protection of a local nature preserve.

The Equinox: A Sneak Peek Into The Art Of Dance Studio Costume Design

Every facet of this "Grand Ballet" was inspired by our talented dancers!

GROOVE: The In-Studio Dance Convention That Everyone Loves!

Some of the biggest events that we encourage our students to attend are dance conventions. It is at these events that some of the...

Holiday dance exercises

A Holiday Exercise Routine To Keep You Motivated Through 2016!

Stay in shape for dance classes with these helpful exercises

Miss Aleah Dazzles At West Chester

A2D watched Miss Aleah perform at West Chester!